5 easy ways to save money everyday





5 easy ways to save money everyday:

These five money saving tips are among my favorites because they offer the biggest impact on reducing expenses with the least amount of disruption to everyday life.

  1. Never grocery shop without a list – There is nothing worse than unpacking groceries only to find you forgot something and need to make yet another trip to the grocery store or worse you’ve bought something perishable (milk, bread) that you don’t need.
  2. Don’t drive aggressively  – Aggressive driving can cost you money in many ways. You will definitely use more gas with aggressive acceleration, your car will require bake service more often, and you will experience increased tire ware as a result of aggressive driving habits. Without question you will enviably incur traffic violations (speeding fines).
  3. Pack a lunch – The biggest opportunity for savings money on eating out is to pack a lunch for each day of your work week. For me to buy a lunch where I work, depending on where I go, would cost between $5 to $8 dollars each day. If I were to buy a lunch every day it would cost in excess of $2,000 a year ($8 x 5 days x 50 weeks).
  4. Air dry your clothes – I’ve installed a clothes hanging bar in my laundry room where I can take my clothes out of the washer and hang them to dry overnight. Using an electric or gas cloth dryer can cost you money is two ways. The first is obviously through the energy cost, either electricity or gas consumption. Another way you save money by not using a dryer is that your clothes will last longer. The heat of the dryer of very hard on the fibers of your clothes and will cause premature aging (fade and ware).
  5. Visit your public library – For many people this is an untapped resource. My local library branch loans books, as you would expect, but they also loan movie DVDs, music CDs, magazines as well as digital content such as ebooks and audiobooks. Don’t forget it is your tax dollars that funds your local library so you might as well reap the benefits.

To be effective these everyday money saving tips need to be integrated into your daily life as a habit. It takes about thirty days to form a habit so you may want to consider integrating these ideas one at a time to make the transition easier. On a daily basis each of these money saving tips may seem insignificant but their true power needs to be measured over time.

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