About Us

Courtney and Trevor, co-creators and co-hosts of Simple Money Solutions, are self-proclaimed enthusiasts of personal finance.

“Where we’re headed, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.”

Meet Courtney

A graduate of the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Business Administration, Courtney, after obtaining further education in social media, works happily in the evolving world of marketing for one of her favourite health food stores.

Courtney truly believes that knowledge is power and enjoys immersing herself in the personal finance world which allows her to make better, educated decisions when it pertains to personal finance.

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Meet Trevor

Trevor’s affinity towards personal finance began back with the purchase of his first home. With the conscious decision to own a home that he could pay off in 15 years, he had already begun putting his priorities in order — one of which was financial freedom. Through hard work and determination, Trevor actualized his goal of being debt free before the age 55 and is living proof that with dedication towards attaining your personal goals, anything is truly possible.

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