Can Our Relationship Work?

How important is money in a romantic relationship?
VERY is my simple and straightforward answer. Often in new relationships, money is viewed synonymously with discussing how many children you both want – it’s something that’s too serious to consider until it gets serious. However, while talking about money can potentially be a heavy subject, it doesn’t have to be. By infusing money talk into more conversations, it will soon become a topic that gets easier to discuss. Money is so important because financial incompatibility can be a deal breaker if not addressed properly.

How do I know if my significant other and I are financially compatible?
Before you can even begin to answer this question, you must first look inward. What are your own personal values, beliefs, and attitudes when it comes to money? Next, ask these same questions to your partner so you are aware of his or her views and then compare his or her views to own and reflect on the similarities and differences in outlook.

I’m in a relationship with someone whose money values are a LOT different than mine, can we make it work?
As like with anything else, patience, respect, and a deep level of understanding are the key ingredients that will allow your relationship with your partner to flourish. If you and your partner are willing to listen to one another and be understanding of one another’s values when it comes to finances and money then the relationship can succeed.

For more on this topic, check out episode 26 on financial compatibility.

– Courtney

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