Audiobook Review – Masked Prey

Author John Sandford has been writing the thriller crime series Prey starting in 1989 featuring Lucas Davenport as the protagonist. Lucas Davenport’s career has evolved over the past 30 years from a detective with the Minneapolis Police Department to an investigator for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), to his current role as United States marshal. … Learn MoreAudiobook Review – Masked Prey

Wired Earbuds…Really?

Wired earbuds were a great invention but seriously it’s 2020, let’s move on.

I was out yesterday and saw a relatively young person struggling to carry what looked like grocery bags, a coffee all while trying to unzip their jacket. Now this picture has a lot of problems but the one that stood out to me was the wired earbuds…really? … Learn MoreWired Earbuds…Really?