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SMS 117 – Frugal Holiday Season

  1. Build traditions not wow factor
  2. Home made decorations mean the most
  3. Books make a great gift
  4. Presence is the best present
  5. At least one gift has to be hand made or second hand
  6. Gifts flow downward in generations
  7. Plan for at least one outdoor activity
  8. Enjoy a free local Christmas event
  9. Gather around the radio for Christmas stories
  10. Make helping somebody less fortunate part of your
  11. celebration

You will know you are doing it right if with every passing Christmas you have yet another remember when story

The result will be a more profound experience and one that will leave you better than before.

SMS 116 – Living on 50% of your Income

Living on 50% of your Income:

1. Early financial independence equals control
2. Eliminate risk from you life

1. Move in this direction – not too slowly
2. Remove temptation
3. Control of your environment
4. Don’t fall victim to the gold fish effect
5. The double edge sword of living on 50% of your income
6. If you believe you can’t then you are correct
7. Inaction is in it’s self an action
8. If you are in your 50’s you have already done this (25 years ago)

SMS 115 – The Problem with Debt

5 Reasons Why People Get Into Debt

SMS 114 – Making Hard Financial Choices

8 Tips to Help You Make a Major Financial Decision

SMS 113 – Designing Your Financial Life

7 Steps To Designing Your Financial Life

Mr. Money Mustache

SMS 112 – 5 Things to Consider When Leaving Home

5 things to consider when leaving home:

  1. Buy used home furnishings.
  2. Location, location, location.
  3. Start out life with a budget.
  4. Choose who you live with wisely.
  5. Build an emergency fund.

SMS 111 – Losing Financial Motivation

Some Advice for When You’re Losing Motivation for Your Financial Plans


SMS 110 – How to Succeed (Roundtable)

10 Reasons Why Some People Will Never Succeed

SMS 109 – Is Financial Success Possible?

Financial Success Isn’t ‘Impossible’

SMS 108 – Time Management

10 Practical Ways to Drastically Improve Your Time Management Skills

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