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SMS 059 – The Cost of Home Improvements

SMS 058 – Advice for Your 20 Year Old Self

SMS 057 – Allowances for Adults?

SMS 056 – Financial Automation

SMS 055 – For the Love of Money

SMS 054 – Side Hustle

SMS 053 – Living Below Your Means

Living Beneath Your Means: The Foundation of Financial Independence

The Beauty of Living Below Your Means

How to Successfully Live Within Your Means

SMS 052 – Podcast Reflections

SMS 051 – Financial Envy

How to Combat Financial Envy

7 Ways to Beat Financial Envy

6 Ways to Deal with Money Envy

How to Deal with Financial Envy

Why Money Envy Can Be a Good Thing


SMS 050 – Contentment

Personal Finance and Life Contentment

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