For your convenience, our most commonly asked listener questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is Simple Money Solutions about?
A: Simple Money Solutions is a personal finance podcast for Canadians, by Canadians, because we understand that when it comes to the Canadian economy versus the United States economy, you cannot take a one-podcast-fits-all approach. We aim to discuss the unique challenges that only Canadians experience. Trevor and Courtney break down Canadian personal finance news articles of relevance and interest and highlight the interesting, the intriguing, and at times controversial, points within.

Q: How often are new podcasts released?
A: Every single Tuesday, and that’s our promise to you.

Q: How can I download Simple Money Solution podcast?
A: Through iTunes and Sticher.

Q: Who are Trevor and Courtney?
A: Trevor and Courtney are two down-to-earth Canadians who are just as interested in Canadian personal finance as you are.

Q: Why is your website and email address called Live Life Simple but your podcast is called Simple Money Solutions?
A: Well, Trevor and Courtney have big plans and aspirations for Live Life Simple and are hoping to develop a Live Life Simple Network, so you’ve arrived at the right place. Stick around and you’ll be among the first to know when Trevor and Courtney eventually debut their next podcast series but, for now, Simple Money Solutions will have to keep you tied over.

Q: When did this podcast start?
A: The idea for this podcast has been in the works for awhile. Trevor and Courtney have devoted countless hours to ensure that you, the listener, are receiving the best of the best — the best quality and the best content. However, officially, Simple Money Solutions was released on iTunes in August of 2016.

Q: How can I get in touch with Trevor and Courtney?
A: We’d love to hear from you so send us an email at livelifesimple365@gmail.com, fill out our Contact Us form or get in touch with us through Facebook.

Q: What if there’s a topic or news article that I want Trevor and Courtney to talk about?
A: Send your topic or article suggestion our way or, leave a comment on iTunes and we’d be more than excited to cover it on one of our upcoming episodes.

Q: How do I make sure I never miss an episode?
A: Good question and we’re happy to hear that this is a concern! Subscribe to Simple Money Solutions on iTunes, bookmark our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you never miss an episode.