Save money on home repair

house-with-moneySave money on home repair

In one of my earlier post I mentioned one of the things that helped me begin a life where I could live within my means (spending less money than I earn) was to focus on home repair rather than home improvements. I’m not saying you should never improve your home, but when you do make sure you’re not going into debt to accomplish the home improvement.

What drive the cost of home improvements is that it usually involves either the addition of something you currently don’t have such as finishing your basement into quality living space, or the demolition of your current state and a brand new re-build, such as a new kitchen or bathroom. Most home improvements people are motivated by wants as opposed to needs and my golden rule is to never go into debt to satisfy a want.

Home repair requires a completely different mindset, this is where you work with what you have to fix something

I had a situation with my home where I had a fence that was falling over because the fence posts were not cemented in when the fence was originally installed. Honest it wasn’t me, the fence was there when I bought the house. At the time the cost of replacing the fence was far too much for my budget as I had two kids (twines) in university, but something had to be done as the fence was going to fall down. What I ended up doing was digging around each of the fence posts, with the fence fully intact, align the posts then using quick set cement ($6.71/bag) I was able to stabilize each post. I was amazed with how well this processed worked and how inexpensive the whole project was. But what I didn’t expect was the feeling of satisfaction I got from making something out of nothing.

It would have be easy to spend money I didn’t have for a brand new fence, but to take a broken down beat up fence and bring it back to life takes creativity and determination. Home repair cannot only save you money it can also be a source of personal satisfaction.

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