SMS 008 – How I Consume Books

There is a ton of personal finance books that have broadened my knowledge base and should be considered required reading.

  • They can be motivational and inspirational
  • Put you on the right track
  • Keep you on the right track
  • Can help you re-define normal
  • Change your perception
  • Confirm your perception
  • Knowledge gives you the ability to devise a plan
  • How-to and Why-to

Topics to consider:

  • Debit management
  • Retirement planning
  • Investing – understanding to strategies
  • Minimalism – intentional living with the things that are important to you
  • Simple Living – is a more gentle slow approach to life
  • Frugality (lifestyle, life hacks, travel)

Book Formats:

Traditional books


  • hard cover , soft cover
  • book store, amazon, library
  • people like them on their book shelves
  • loan then to friends
  • donate when done
  • highlight, write in margins


  • sometimes more expenses
  • take up more space


Ebooks – electronic books used with a device


  • smart phone, kindle, kobo
  • convenient – always with you
  • often cheaper than traditional books
  • thousands of books in one place
  • night reading ability


  • requires the purchase of a device
  • battery life concerns
  • can’t loan books
  • too many books creates a distraction
  • not as easy to make notes


Audiobook – books read by a narrator listen to with device


  • MP3 player smart phone, computer
  • iTunes, Audible, CD

Cons – are similar to those of ebooks


How I Consume Books:

I often buy books in all three formats:

  • I will often give it a listen and if I like what I hear I will read it because I better and longer retention when I read.
  • I like the ebook for its portablity and night reading features
  • I like the traditional book, usually in hard cover as a reference with highlights and notes in the margins, and the ability to loan to friends
  • Some books that have a lot of tables and graphs are far better suited to a traditional physical book.

Books I would recommend:

Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

The Wealthy Barber Returns – David Chilton (Canadian)

Wealthing Like Rabbits – Robert R. Brown (Canadian)

Free at 45: How to Early & Happy – Tim Stobbs (Canadian)

Early Retirement Extreme – Jacob Lundfiskar

Your Money or Your Life – Vicki Robin

Millionaire Next Door – Thomas J. Stanley

Jeff Goins – The Art of Work

The More of Less – Joshua Becker

Everything That Remains – The Minimalist

The Little Book of Contentment – Leo Babauta

Books I want to Read:

Retired Inspired – Chris Hogan

Millionaire Teacher – Andrew Hallam

Books I am Reading:

The Essential Retirement Guide: A Contrarian Perspective – Frederick Vettese



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