SMS 131 – Financial Mentoring

Financial Mentorship – You need to be willing to be mentored and be willing to be a mentor

Ways to be a financial mentor:

  1. Demonstrating
  2. Teaching
  3. Coaching
  4. Accountability Partner

Choosing a Financial Mentor:

  1. Somebody who is moving in a direction you want to move
  2. Somebody who has your long-term interest
  3. Somebody who is your senior – generally not a sibling
  4. Somebody who will be in your life for an extended period of time
  5. Somebody you are will to share your financial life plans with

Being a Financial Mentor:

  1. Listen and understand the issues
  2. Be compassionate
  3. Somebody you think you can help
  4. Somebody you think you can communicate well with
  5. Somebody you can motivate and inspire
  6. Somebody you are willing to share your financial details – successes and failures
  7. Somebody you can be available for the teaching moments

When is it time for a Mentor:

  1. Preferably ongoing but before significant life events
  2. When you start to lose direction, motivation, or traction
  3. When this go bad – one-time events or a pattern of behavior

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