SMS 133 – Does Costco Really Save You Money?

Starting from the standpoint that everybody should have a Costco membership and the reason you want it is to save money.

Membership cost:

  • Gold Membership $60 per year
  • Executive Membership $120 per year with 2% cash back (spend $6,000 cash back $120)

My personal issues with a Costco membership:

  1. Membership costs – have to save the membership costs plus
  2. Altered consumption – having an endless supply could change how you use
  3. Walk past the shiny stuff – everybody know my weakness for electronics
  4. Creates a sense of scarcity
  5. Not supporting local business
  6. It stands for consumerism (more is better)

Who should not have a Costco membership:

  1. Single people
  2. You don’t own a car
  3. Have a consumer weakness
  4. No Costco in your local community
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