SMS 142 – Camping Considerations


Questions to ask yourself: Do you really enjoy camping?

  1. Are you camping for convenience and/or cost
  2. Do your really enjoy nature
  3. Given unlimited money would your still go camping

Types of camping:

  1. Car camping (intermittent hotel/camping)
  2. Wilderness camping – back packing, canoeing
  3. RV camping – tent trailer, travel trailer, motor home

Camping considerations:
Most kids love camping
Camping comes with built-in entertainment
Equipment – the right equipment will make a big difference
Location – if you desire the most sought after places it will cost (proximity to attractions)
Meal preparation – can be a plus and a minus at the same time
The more comforts of home you desire the harder you will work
Have dedicated camping equipment and supplies
Build a family legacy, early exposure may have a lasting impact
Don’t overstay your welcome
Go with no expectations

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