SMS 150 – A New Beginning

Build on top of something you have already started or get back to there basics

Our lives tend to be a contagious never ending cycle with a re-sets you need to find a time of year for a fresh start.

New years resolutions are not quite the same because you go from winter to winter where with September brings a change of season and all of your senses are engaged.

Why September represents a new beginning
1. Move from relaxation mode to productive mode
2. End of vacation season – re-start routine
3. Change of seasons – environmental and physical
4. School starts – traditional and continued learning

Areas of life for a new beginning:
1. Relationships
2. Health – physical and mental
3. Finance

How to leverage a new beginning:
1. Enrol in continuing education
2. Remember the frugalness of the student lifestyle
3. Read a self help book (audiobook)
4. Subscribe to a youtube channel
5. Subscribe to a podcast
6. Join a group of like-minded people

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