SMS 151 – A Financial Crutch is Your Enemy

A Crutch is Your Enemy

How and why financial crutches happen

Its ok to reach for help but when rely on it it become a crutch

Toxic Charity: Lessons from Bob Lupton
1. Appreciation
2. Anticipation
3. Expectation
4. Entitlement
5. Dependancy

What is a crutch:
1. Traditional: something to lean on because of an unanticipated event
2. Handout rather than and hand up
3. Limiting believe
4. Doing vs showing – look for teachers in your life
5. Decision making vs philosophies – decisions making is a developed skill

The problem with a crutch:
1. Don’t develop a resourceful toolbox
2. Have to live your life under somebody else rules
3. Guilt – financial and emotional
4. Life direction is limited
5. Limited by the limitations of your crutch – situation/career
6. Enables a false unsustainable reality

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