SMS 156 – Transition is Hard

On the podcast we always talk about change and moving forward and to do that it usually required change and to get from where you are to where you want to be there is always a transition and its usually uncomfortable and that ok.

Transition can be a very fragile but is very critical to getting to where you want to be in life. This usually requires some kind of behavior modification that will require some form of self-discipline and new habits.

Discipline – the ability to give up immediate pleasures for long-term goals.

Habit – an acquired mode of behavior that becomes involuntary.

You use your discipline to develop habits and you develop your discipline through forced repetition.

You have a limited amounts of discipline to spend each day, so spend it wisely on the things that are important.

 The Dip – you start out with enthusiasm and energy, then thigs get hard, this is the dip. You need to expect the dip anticipate it and have a solution ready to push through the dip to achieve success.

How to master Self Discipline:

  1. Know your weakness – we all have them
  2. Remove temptation – you are not as strong as you think you are
  3. Set goals – realistic and measureable
  4. Measure progress – record keeping is the key, don’t try to do this in your head
  5. Celebrate wins – winning is contagious

Why Transition is so hard:

  1. Uncharted territory – learning is the key, the older you get the harder this becomes
  2. Fear of failure – you are already failing small at something you are trying to correct
  3. Uncomfortable – our emotional brains naturally gravitate toward pleasure

How to make transition easier:

  1. Follow a proven plan – such as a book, youtube, podcast
  2. Bridge the gap – small incremental steps will keep you motivated
  3. Measure your progress – you need to know you are making progress in the right direction
  4. Expect setbacks – failure is your friend, you learn more from your mistakes, and you are probably failing at something already that’s why you are trying to make a change.
  5. Expect it to be hard – if it’s not hard it’s probably not worth doing.
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