SMS 157 – Have a Big Why in Life

Have a Really Big Why in Life

When pursing financial independence it’s really hard, you need to have a really big why so when it get hard and you want to quite you will have the reason why to push through.

With a really big why the how-to’s of life get really easy and obvious.

To get to your why you have to ask why 3 times to get to the real answer

What is my big why? I want early financial independence (not because I hate work)

  1. Why do I want financial independence – to have choice and control in my life
  2. Why do I want choice and control – to work at a cause I believe in
  3. Why do I want to work at a cause I believe in – to work at something bigger than myself to help people

Reasons to have a really strong why:

  1. Your battle plan will not survive first contact with the enemy
  2. Life is not a straight line
  3. Your plan is unique to you with an unknown solution
  4. Life can be really hard and at times unfair, don’t be a victim – don’t ask Why me? Ask Why not me?

Strategies for developing a strong why:

  1. Seek out new experiences – doing the same thing hoping for different outcomes is bad idea
  2. Abandon your expectations – this is where disappointment lives
  3. Treat everyone you meet with respect – even if you do not share the same life philosophy
  4. Give Back – don’t be transactional you will repel everybody in your life, you will receive more in life by helping others than helping yourself
  5. Celebrate milestones – celebrate your past accomplishments and your future hope
  6. Let go of the past – this can be your undoing only of you let it, “what-ifs” are about your past, “why-to” is about the future

What’s your BIG WHY?

1. What have you done in the past that felt incredibly fulfilling?

2. When have you been at your absolute best?

3. When have you been at your absolute worst?

4. What anger’s you? or What breaks your heart?

5. Why, why and why?

Reddit Post 1 User: m yTwelfAccount:

I finally realized my “why”

Many posts here urge the community to really consider their “why.”  Why are you pursuing financial independence?  For so long, it’s been easy for me to say, “I hate working.”  But when I shared that with people in real life, I was met with confused looks.  “It doesn’t seem like you hate working,” many people would respond.  And it didn’t feel all the way right to me.  I don’t really hate working.  In my jobs, I have had opportunities to directly help people and improve their lives.  I have changed systems and operations for the better.  I don’t hate that.

What I hate is the performance required.  I hate the charade of working 8.5 hours even when it’s not necessary.  I hate that half hour that has to be unpaid because of lunch.  I hate having to consider the optics of your decision to work a different schedule, take a three week vacation, or having a long lunch.  I hate the endless meetings and documentation required to assure everyone you are, in fact, working.  I hate the contests people have with one another on who is skipping lunch, who is coming in early and staying late, and who can’t take vacation.

It’s bullsh*it.  It’s inefficient.  It’s unnecessary.  And so that is why I want financial independence. To free myself from bullshit.

Reddit Post 2 User: myTwelfAccount:

Funny side note – I ended up in a conversation where I had to explain this to an older woman the other day and you’d have thought I was telling her about Bigfoot or ghosts and aliens. Apparently making good money and living a fancy lifestyle is totally normal but saving the money instead so you don’t have to work- that’s just a f**king fairytale.

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