SMS 163 – Diet vs Lifestyle

Dieting vs. Lifestyle

We get out of debt and then get back into debt or reach our goal and then digress, why? We’re in a diet mentality.

A diet is a systematized, temporary lifestyle change whereas changing one’s lifestyle is an attempt to keep up similar habits for a prolonged period of time.

Why diets don’t work:
Diets Are Restrictive — all diets follow some method of restriction. While different programs use different methods of restriction, the concept is still the same: you remove or limit something from your spending patterns.

Diets Aren’t Successful in the Long Term — if financial dieting worked we’d pay off all our consumer debt, pay off our mortgage and never accumulate debt ever again.

Diets Take a Cookie Cutter Approach — diets give us rules to follow, and our unique circumstances, personal history, and individuality are rarely considered.

Depletes Your Vitamin T — trust – trust in yourself, that is. Diets require you to place an incredible amount trust in their product or program.

Is there a season when dieting is okay?
Debt repayment with gazelle like intensity?

How do we stay in that lifestyle mentality long after we’ve reached our goal (debt repayment etc.)?

How to maintain lifestyle changes:
Pick one list you like best!!!

BONUS: Have a really big why

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