SMS 176 – A Shift in Thinking

You should upgrade to solve a specific problem or to get a specific outcome

What adjustments are you making within your lives?

What are you doing to combat this?

We want to to have a conservation about you and encourage you to let us know how you’re dealing with it. 

The shift from comfort and convenience to safety and security 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 

Why is this shift important?

  1. Our needs have become more important then our wants
  2. Comfort is a cage (and you will trap yourself if you don’t let go of it)
  3. Innovation vs. reliability — designed to cater to comfort and convenience 
  4. Resourcefulness 

Areas of your life to deploy this in?

  1. Food
  2. Shelter — buying large homes is built on comfort and convenience; having a home that can’t be taken away from you; owning your home has never been more important which is highlighted more then ever 
  3. Relationships — build relationships that facilitate comfort and security not comfort and convenience (shrink social circle as you 
  4. Employment — this might be time to take risks as there is the possibility of losing our job; the comfort and convenience is making a job with more money 

If you have debt you are dealing with solving yesterday’s decisions, never before has it been more important to be nimble 

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