SMS 177 – Is Misery is better than Mediocrity?

Is Misery is better than Mediocrity?

What is misery?

• A strong feeling or sense of being unfulfilled, hopeless, discontent, or unhappy due to perceived or real circumstances

• Strong doesn’t mean negative or bad however we perceive it as bad because it is a strong, extreme emotion that makes us uncomfortable

If you let it, life will happen to you, not for you

Without goals or a value system you are wandering aimlessly with no direction or end in sight, which can retrospectively result in misery

Where does misery come from?

Misery stems from circumstances that are either:

  1. Perceived inequity 
  2. Real inequity 

Why we should embrace misery?

  1. A force for change
  2. A realization and identification of what you do want (opposite of what you currently have) – strong emotions of any kind need to be listened to

How to embrace misery?

  1. Recognize – the associated feelings/thought patterns and the situation, environment, or circumstance you’re in
  2. Realize – and understand why you’re feeling such unpleasant, strong emotions in relation to any external/internal circumstances may be an influencing factor 
  3. Respond – harness your unpleasant, strong  emotions to evoke change; it’s okay to feel misery, it’s what you do with that feeling that matters
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