SMS 178 – Breaking Down Boredom

Breaking Down Boredom

What is boredom?

Bored | Adjective | feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity

Boredom is often viewed negatively, however is boredom inherently bad or something to be avoided?

The global shift of acceptance

Boredom was once a frowned upon feeling or experience and not readily embraced before this current crisis; productivity has long been championed

We are existing within a time where society embraces and normalizes boredom — (we’ve reached new heights on digital consumption, influx of digital streaming services, social media trends)

Polarizing views from those who are at home vs. working during this pandemic?

Bored vs. content? What if we overcompensate and move from boredom  to overloaded?  (the overcompensation approach)

Why we experience boredom:

  1. It’s comfortable, easy, habitual 
  2. We don’t have strong enough goals and values 
  3. We don’t have passions 
  4. We don’t know how avoid or combat boredom 

Boredom’s negative impact:

  1. Online, mindless spending 
  2. Mindless consumption 
  3. Reduction in self-growth and learning 
  4. We can jeopardize achieving our goals and upholding our values — life will just happen if we let it
  5. It’s more challenging to start back up 

How to avoid or get out of the boredom rut?

When the looming temptation to give into the idea of boredom:

  1. Reframe the boredom — what does your current circumstance present you with? Ex. Time, energy, focus etc.
  2. Embrace the boredom — what projects, tasks, undertakings etc. does your current circumstance allow you to take on? 
  3. Act on it and stay committed to keeping the boredom at bay 
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