SMS 179 – Making a Case for Audiobooks

Making a Case for Audiobooks

If you enjoy podcasts you will probably enjoy audiobooks? – it depends on the kind of podcast you listen to.

Does listening to an audiobook count as reading? – if information consumption or entertainment was your goal then the answer is yes.

Do you get the same retention value with listening vs reading? – when you were learning to read, in the traditional sense, you had to develop reading comprehension skills.

Is there a learning curve to consuming audiobooks? – start with a book you have already read

Fiction vs non-fiction

  • Fiction is more like a theater for you mind
  • Non-fiction feels more like a podcast experience

Example: Malcolm Gladwell Talking to Strangers – when he referenced a news story or interview in his book he actually played the news or interview clip in the audiobook.

The benefits of audiobooks:

  1. Reading when you can’t read
  2. Two stage entertainment value – author/narrator
  3. Gain perspectives you might miss otherwise – narrator emphases
  4. You will take on subject matters you otherwise would not
  5. If you sign up for an audiobook service it will force you to consume
  6. You can listen with someone else

Audiobook challenges:

  1. The wondering mind – increase listening speed
  2. You don’t get the retention value – were you actually going to read it?
  3. You need equipment to access the audio – low cost to entry
  4. Some books just don’t work for audio

Audio File magazine is a great resource

  • Print subscription 6 issues $19.95 1 year, $26.95 2 year
  • Digital subscription 6 issues $14.95 or $2.95/issue

Reddit is a great resource

  • Sub-Reddit: Audiobooks
  • Sub-Reddit: Audible

Where to get audiobooks:

  • The library with Overdrive or Libby
  • $14.95 CAD
  • $12.99 CAD
  • The Great Courses $19.99 CAD 50% off a quarterly subscription
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