SMS 181 – Do Tough Times Make Tough People?

Do Tough Times Make Tough People?

Any physical growth will be lost when the comforts of life return, so most of this growth will be temporary.

Physical toughness would really only be useful if it is required in your future life. Maybe you were an accountant and because of these tough times you have become a farmer, then yes, you will have grown physically tougher because of tough times and the gains will be somewhat permanent.

As humans we got to the top of the food chain not by being Tough but by being smart. If we are going to grow from tough times then it will have to be from intellectual growth not physical growth.

Adversity does not build character it reveals character

Nine Ways to grow from tough times:

  1. Nothing worth having is easy – you learn what is important (wants/needs)
  2. You discover coping strategies 
  3. You develop compassion for others – there is something comforting about knowing you are not suffering alone
  4. You learn to ask for help – this becomes hard as you get older
  5. You discover who you can count on – one positive is you will learn you really cares about you
  6. Pain is part of life – leverage it
  7. Your biggest fears have just become your reality
  8. You are growing and learning from real life not theory
  9. The present is all you have to deal with
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