SMS 184 – You Can Have Anything You Want….Not Everything You Want

You Can Have Anything You Want…just NOT Everything You Want 

Have you ever wondered about the people who look like they have it all? 

Tip on finding focus: have interests and hobbies the lead to related interests and hobbies – hobby matrix 

We often idealize people’s lives or situation but are not willing to make the sacrifice  

If you want something nobody else has have to be will to do something nobody else does so  

if you want something somebody else has you need to look for the sacrifice they are making 

If you do the 5 whys you can get you can get to the sacrifice 

Upgrades in live are an example have anything you want – don’t let stuff own you….you own stuff 

Your anything needs to be realistic given your income 

The sacrifice can be what you are not choosing – Artists are known for sacrifice. Writers, painters, performers – all of them choose their art over other things – security, comfort, leisure, even relationships. 

The problem with having everything you want: 

  1. Cost – unsustainable 
  2. Sacrifice – you will have to make some at some point 
  3. Contentment – you will always be chasing that next thing 
  4. Short-term benefit….long-term cost 

The benefits of having anything you want: 

  1. Avoid regret – if you know what you truly want 
  2. Focus – 10 feet deep rather than 10 feet wide 
  3. Quality over quantity 
  4. Time – you only have so much to go around 
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