SMS 185 – Accepting the lifestyle your income delivers

Accepting the lifestyle your income delivers 

Life is full of choices, where you live, how you live, where you work, how you work 

You can choose a lifestyle and then try to acquire an income level to support it or you can choose a career and then discover a lifestyle that that career will support. 

Life stress vs job stress 

If you had to guess which is more stressful — choosing a lifestyle then acquiring an income or choosing a career and then discover a lifestyle — the reality is that both have their own stressors.  

Choosing a lifestyle first: 

(Lifestyle can be defined as an expensive truck, boat, cottage, and yearly trips or cash flowing your children through post secondary and reaching early financial independence) 

  1. Prioritize where you live over what you do 
  2. You limit your career options 
  3. Most likely unfulfilling working life 
  4. May experience more job stress 
  5. Income replacement may become more challenging  

Choosing a career first: 

  1. Prioritize what you do over where you live 
  2. Flexibility in employment opportunities  
  3. Most likely very fulfilling working life 
  4. May experience more life stress 
  5. Sometimes a lower earning potential  

Can you have both? 

Neither of these are wrong, just don’t try to do both you will be chasing a solution for most of your life.  

  • Common thread among both:  
    • The requirement to make concessions or sacrifices, be okay with that 
    • Accept the lifestyle that the income delivers  

Why may one appear more stressful? 

  1. One is notably more important to you — prioritize family etc.  
  2. Society and relational influences  
  3. You might not have considered the nuances of prioritizing one over the other  

What if you want to choose lifestyle first (and want the perks that come along with that) but are having a challenging time digesting the type of career, job, or industry that is required in order to finance prioritizing lifestyle over career? Does that mean you simply don’t want it badly enough? Tips.  

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