SMS 186 – Hobbies


Hobbies are more important than you think, this can often fill the gaps left between our life responsibilities and job responsibilities.

Hobby risk – chasing a new hobby every couple of months, when investigating a hobby try to identify the challenges of the hobby and try to determine if those are challenges or problems you enjoy solving.

You should have a minimum of three hobbies

  1. A hobby that exercises your body
  2. A hobby that exercises your mind
  3. A hobby that exercises your soul

Hobby perspectives:

  1. Beware of the hobby inside the hobby – sometimes you think you have a hobby that is an activity but you actually have a hobby of accumulating the equipment and supplies of a hobby.
  2. Hobbies 10 feet deep rather than 10 feet wide.
  3. Hobbies that are intertwined, pursue a hobby that leads to another hobby.

Hobby Considerations:

  1. Most hobbies can be test driven without much expense
  2. The more equipment/supplies you add to a hobby the more complexity you introduce
  3. You need to be realistic given your time constraints
  4. The more specific your interest the more engaged you will be
  5. A hobby should involve challenge, this is what will sustain interest
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