SMS 189 – 25 Things That Successful People Do 25 Things That Successful People Do  // Poor People do that Rich People Don’t

Introduction Episode

  • Introduce the 25 concepts
  • Listener experience
  • Spinning the narrative – what you are rather then what you’re not
  • Pursue things that challenge your current beliefs
  • Being honest with yourself – what you are doing and what you really want
  • The two lotteries in life that we all play – we all start from a different place
  • Improving on your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses
  • What is True poverty

25 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Don’t Do – Positive: 25 Things Successful People Do

  1. They don’t understand the game – Positive: They understand basic economics
  2. Lack of a Value System – Positive: They have a well-developed value system
  3. No Birth Control – Positive: They engage in family
  4. Flawed Priorities – Positive: They have clear priorities
  5. Lack of Effective Time Management – Positive: They have effective time management
  6. They lack motivation – Positive: They are motivated
  7. They don’t work for money – Positive: They understand the difference between work and job
  8. Lack of Strategic Investment – Positive: They are Strategic with Investment
  9. Running without a Budget – Positive: They prioritize budgeting
  10. They rely on will power – Positive: They understand discipline
  11. Lack of Self Development – Positive: They embrace continuous improvement
  12. Not Taking Calculated Risk – Positive: They understand risk reward trade off
  13. Always Playing the Blame Game – Positive: They own their actions
  14. Bad Saving Culture – Positive: Saving is a way of life
  15. Nonchalant Attitude towards their Health – Positive: They prioritize their health
  16. Keeping the Wrong Company – Positive: Surround themselves with quality people
  17. They Watch Too Much Television – Positive: Understand the value of down time
  18. Turn Pursue Opportunities – Positive: See opportunities where others don’t
  19. They Don’t Bank on Wishes and Luck – Positive: Understand that Good fortune is usually earned
  20. Giving Room for Pessimism – Positive: They are Critical Thinkers
  21. Lack of Vision – Positive: They have vision to see what could be
  22. Lack of Focus – Positive: Can Prioritize Effectively
  23. They give up too quickly – Positive: They understand passion is pushing through the hard parts
  24. They are Master Procrastinator – Positive: They do what they can when they can
  25. 25. They are afraid of change – Positive: They Understand Change Equals Growth

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