SMS 190 – Do you understand the game?

1. Do you understand the game?

What is the game? The game of numbers. Poor people are quick to complain about why the entertainers earn so much money whereas a hardworking school teacher goes home with miserable pay. What they don’t understand is that wealth is attracted to numbers. Your earning is directly proportional to the number of people you efficiently serve in the society, directly or indirectly.

  • Helping people gets noticed
  • Supply and demand – see needs that are not being filled
  • Solving problems rather than doing tasks – continuous improvement
  • Doing important work rather than urgent work – requires good planning
  • Adding value rather than putting in time – work you job like a business

25 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Don’t Do – Positive: 25 Things Successful People Do

  1. They don’t understand the game – Positive: They understand basic economics
  2. Lack of a Value System – Positive: They have a well-developed value system
  3. No Birth Control – Positive: They engage in family
  4. Flawed Priorities – Positive: They have clear priorities
  5. Lack of Effective Time Management – Positive: They have effective time management
  6. They lack motivation – Positive: They are motivated
  7. They don’t work for money – Positive: They understand the difference between work and job
  8. Lack of Strategic Investment – Positive: They are Strategic with Investment
  9. Running without a Budget – Positive: They prioritize budgeting
  10. They rely on will power – Positive: They understand discipline
  11. Lack of Self Development – Positive: They embrace continuous improvement
  12. Not Taking Calculated Risk – Positive: They understand risk reward trade off
  13. Always Playing the Blame Game – Positive: They own their actions
  14. Bad Saving Culture – Positive: Saving is a way of life
  15. Nonchalant Attitude towards their Health – Positive: They prioritize their health
  16. Keeping the Wrong Company – Positive: Surround themselves with quality people
  17. They Watch Too Much Television – Positive: Understand the value of down time
  18. Turn Pursue Opportunities – Positive: See opportunities where others don’t
  19. They Don’t Bank on Wishes and Luck – Positive: Understand that Good fortune is usually earned
  20. Giving Room for Pessimism – Positive: They are Critical Thinkers
  21. Lack of Vision – Positive: They have vision to see what could be
  22. Lack of Focus – Positive: Can Prioritize Effectively
  23. They give up too quickly – Positive: They understand passion is pushing through the hard parts
  24. They are Master Procrastinator – Positive: They do what they can when they can
  25. They are afraid of change – Positive: They Understand Change Equals Growth
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