Take Action April

Spring has sprung and hopefully so has your yearning desire to achieve your personal goals. Whether you have goals that are seemingly insignificant or large and intimidating, every goal is worth pursuing.

To get you off on the right foot this month, #TakeAction April is dedicated to not necessarily achieving your goals but creating the action items to achieving your goals.

We’ve even created a downloadable goal sheet to help you keep track of your goal, goal completion date and action items.

What are action items? The (potentially numerous) steps that stand between you and accomplishing your goal. It is easy to set a goal (whether it be short term or long term), but all those tiny, yet important, steps taken to actually achieving that goal may be even more important than the actual goal itself. Because without the many action items in between the journey from where you stand right now and your finish line, achieving your goal may seem daunting and nearly impossible.

So, #TakeAction April involves:
1) Setting your goal (it can be a short term or long term goal)
2) Setting action items (all the realistic steps that will help you achieve your goal)

To enter: send your goal to us via email (livelifesimple365@gmail.com) or through our Contact Us page, where we will be randomly entering your name into our draw for this month’s book giveaway The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. The contest closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, April 30, 2017. The winner will be posted on our social media accounts and on our website on Monday, May 1, 2017.