Wired Earbuds…Really?

Wired earbuds were a great invention but seriously it’s 2020, let’s move on.

I was out yesterday and saw a relatively young person struggling to carry what looked like grocery bags, and a coffee, all while trying to unzip their jacket. Now this picture has a lot of problems but the one that stood out to me was the wired earbuds…really? 

I’m not sure if you noticed but Apple removed the headphone port from your iPhone. Sure this was to sell more Apple accessories like Airpods but it’s also because it no longer makes sense to take up the very valuable space where the headphone port would be if most people are not going to use it. It would be like still including a cassette tape player or CD player in your car — that dashboard space could be put to better use.

Please, it’s 2020. I’m not saying that you need to set money on fire and buy $250 AirPods Pro or $400 Bose noise cancelling headphones. You can find $20 earbuds on Amazon seven days a week, and these are arguably as good as, probably better than the wired earbuds that used to come with your iPhone.

There is more to listening to great audio entertainment than great sound: it has to be somewhat convenient, otherwise you just won’t listen. You don’t want a situation where you miss a great opportunity to listen to a podcast or audiobook just because it will be a hassle (or more accurately a tangled mess). 

Another place I have seen wired headphones in action is at the gym. How can people still be tethered to their phones in 2020? The individuals I see toting wired headphones are not seniors or 50 year old dads, but rather your 20-somethings who should just know better. When I’m exercising at the gym the last thing I want to be doing is waving my $1000+ smart phone around like it’s a toy, putting it in harms way the whole time. Wouldn’t it make more sense to risk losing a tiny $20 Bluetooth earbud and all the while having your iPhone 12 safely tucked into a pocket or armband out of harms way?

The most absurd case for wired earbuds is for runners, especially in harsh weather. This use is way beyond me. It’s easy to spot the serious runners as they are incredibly fast. To get to this elite level of speed and agility they must have done a lot of running. I can’t think of a better time for listening to audio entertainment than while running. With all the running these individuals have done, you would think these runners would have thought “there must be a better way” at some point. Also on the topic of putting your $1000+ smart phone in harms way, a big yes here, all the danger of the the gym plus harsh weather concerns.

Just do yourself a favor and go to Amazon and buy $20 Bluetooth earbuds and I promise you, you’ll never look back.

While this post isn’t sponsored by Amazon or any Bluetooth earbud brand, here are a few of my personal inexpensive favourites:

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